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The Global Leadership Network (GLN) is a community of curious, growth-minded, change-driven people committed to developing their leadership skills to maximize their influence for the purpose of igniting positive transformation wherever they live and work.

Since our founding in 1995, the Global Leadership Network has reached across continents and countries, across business and not-for-profit sectors to those who are well developed and those who are underdeveloped, to those with great resources and those with little.

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To Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential

Your capacity to thrive and empower the best in those around you is dependent on your leadership health.


Premier leadership experience featuring a high-quality inspiring program and world-class speakers that is accessible world-wide.

GLS Plus

GLS Plus sessions are a series of "Value Add" Webinars designed to equip and encourage you and your team to lead.


Sustained ongoing learning that is designed for group/cohort-based learning and has HPLJ design philosophy fully integrated into the way the learning platform works.

Gain Insights From A World-class Leadership Faculty

Experience high-impact sessions to help you forge ahead with clarity of vision and new energy. Areas of expertise our faculty explores include: Cultivating Innovation, Building Trust, Maximizing Productivity, Overcoming Fear, Influencing Change, Managing Conflict, Improving Workplace Civility, Casting Vision and so much more!

The Value of Leadership Growth

For more than 25 years, the Global Leadership Network has delivered fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership insights in more than 123 countries and 60+ languages, and the outcomes are incredible. Here’s what we learned about the impact of The Global Leadership Summit from a recent independent survey of attendees by Excellence in Giving.


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their productivity


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their job satisfaction


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved the quality of their work


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS materials helped them teach others about leadership, with an average of 47 other people being trained in the last two years

Partnership Opportunities

The Global Leadership Network has many global partners. We are grateful to those individuals and companies who are gifting their finances, skills, and resources to see the work of the Global Leadership Network progress. These partners have an alignment of heart and passion and give to see maximum benefit.

Level 1 Sponsor


Level 2 Sponsor


Level 3 Sponsor


We realize that companies are now engaging in heightened social responsibility and are wanting partnerships that bring transformative change. We offer connections at different levels and welcome collaboration with those holding similar values and visions.

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The things that make us sad, the things that make us righteously angry, or the things we care about that others don’t are often a key that unlocks our reason for living. It’s our burden.

– Craig Groeschel