GLS LOCALE, we understand learning happens better in communities

We are so excited that you are considering hosting a GLS LOCALE.

As a leader in your community, you understand when leaders get better, whole communities get better too, so this is a perfect opportunity to empower the women and men within your circle of influence, at your business, and in your community.

Here are some basic requirements to be a part of the GLS LOCALE movement

  • Minimum group size in multiples of 5 people or more is encouraged.
  • All participants need to register via our website.
  • The event must be held on the same days as the main site of GLSDubai so as to receive the live stream.
  • A large screen or method of projection is essential so your participants can comfortably watch and engage with the GLS speakers.
  • Standard broadband internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to stream large video files.
  • Start/finish/break times can be in coordination with main site.
  • May be held as a 1-day event or across multiple days or sessions.
  • Live music and catering are optional.
Our Support

What we will provide?

As a GLS LOCALE host, we will provide you access to our GLNME registration portal, allowing for greater automation and empowering you to communicate directly with your group delegates.

  • Access to the real-time registration list
  • Ability to email those in your group (e.g. for parking or catering requirements)
  • Share your group name (or unique URL) to have others join

We will also provide you..

  • GLNME facilitation (or you can do your own live and we can provide you with facilitation notes)
  • Event Hosting Kit
  • Event Marketing Kit
  • Ongoing support for GLS Locale Hosts