The Global Leadership Summit

is not just an event;

it’s a catalyst for change.

A Catalyst For Change

We desire that the GLS would provide an annual injection of encouragement, learning, inspiration, and challenge for delegates to grow their leadership and steward their influence for greater impact in their organization, local community, across the nation, and beyond!

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Investing in Your Leadership Really Matters

When you make a commitment to invest in your leadership by attending the Summit and apply what you learn throughout the year, not only are you impacting your own leadership, but you are changing the communities you represent. The following outcomes* are just some of the results you can expect with your investment:


Beginning in Chicago, USA, the Global Leadership Summit now has reach to almost every nation of the world. Because of the message of the Global Leadership Summit, we have seen governments changed, communities transformed, leaders rise up and society impacted for good.

It starts as a seed that takes root in your soul and grows into an insatiable and undeniable desire to connect with God’s vision for your one and only life. A Grander Vision is your role to play in God’s Kingdom. But even more, it sends you on an inspiring, unpredictable, vibrant and soul-satisfying journey.

Are you going to throw your one and only life into pursuing a lesser vision? Or are you willing to dive headfirst into pursuing the Grander Vision God has just for you?

We’d love to hear your Grander Vision story!