As we foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

we will strengthen our credibility increase our influence. .

The Global Leadership Network has many global partners. We are grateful to those individuals and companies who are gifting their finances, skills and resources to see the work of the Global Leadership Network progress. These partners have an alignment of heart and passion and give to see maximum benefit.

We are aligning with partners/sponsors from different sectors who have a passion for a particular area of influence: Non-Profit, Family, NextGen, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Business, Ministry, and Government.

We also align with partners/sponsors who are passionate about various sectors of society: eg men, women, youth.

Because of our reach and impact over many years, we are sought out for partnerships by many different local, regional and global companies. As we have partnered together we have grown stronger and our impact for change has multiplied exponentially.

Partnership Opportunities

We realize that companies are now engaging in heightened social responsibility and are wanting partnerships that bring transformative change. We offer connections at different levels and welcome collaboration with those holding similar values and visions.

Our partners are involved in various ways:

Level 1 Sponsor


Level 2 Sponsor


Level 3 Sponsor


Sponsor all or some sessions of the Global Leadership Summit.
Sponsor advertising or promotion costs and printing of collateral and summit workbook.
Sponsor lunches or break snacks.
Sponsor scholarships for economically disadvantaged people or groups.
…..the opportunities are almost endless.
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